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What are the Reasons of Spontaneous Abortion?

  1. Genetic defects Spouse with chromosomal abnormalities can transmit to the fetus, and then cause abortion. There are about 50~60% fetus with chromosomal abnormalities will undergo spontaneous abortion. The chromosomal abnormalities can include:
    • Aneuploidy: Aneuploidy refers to an abnormal number of chromosomes, and is a type of chromosome abnormality, such as three-body, x single and Triploid.
    • Chromosome structural abnormalities: the chromosome structural abnormalities mostly refer to the breakdown of chromosome arm, inverted, deletions and translocations.

    A small number of embryos with chromosomal abnormalities in term time, will happen deformities or functional defect after birth.

  2. Maternal factors
    • Systemic diseases: Pregnant women suffering from infection, high fever, severe anemia, heart failure, chronic nephritis, and hypertension.
    • Genital abnormalities: Uterine malformation (Uterine dysplasia, double uterine, uterine septum), Uterine cancer such as sub mucosal fibroids, Severe cervical trauma and relaxation of the cervix
    • Endocrine abnormalities: Hypothyroidism, Severe diabetes, Luteal phase defect
    • Bad habits: Smoking, alcohol, drug such as heroin
    • Trauma and stimulus: Serves shock and uterine trauma, Overstrain, anxiety, fear and sad
  3. Immune dysfunction The immune factors for the spontaneous abortion may include:
    • Paternal histocompatibility antigens
    • Fetus antigens
    • Blood group antigens (ABO and Rh)
    • The lack of maternal blocking antibodies during pregnancy
    • Anti-sperm antibodies
    • ……
  4. Environmental factors Pregnant woman excessively expose to chemical substances such as arsenic, lead, formaldehyde, benzene, chloroprene, ethylene oxide and so on.