Recommendations for Prevention Arm Edema after Breast Cancer Surgery

After breast cancer surgery, it is the most effective to perform exercise for the clients with lymphedema under the guidance.

In addition, experts also proposed 18 recommendations to prevent upper extremity edema after breast cancer surgery:

  1. Does not neglect the mild edema of upper arm or chest, if any, tell doctors in time.
  2. Blood and injections are forbidden on the limb
  3. Avoid blood pressure on the limb, if the upper limb lymphedema; blood pressure should be done on the lower limb
  4. Maintain the skin clean and dry, especially the skin folds and fingers space of the limb and rub lotion after bath
  5. Avoid resistance to repetitive motion, such as scrubbing or push-pull
  6. Not to mention heavy objects (5kg) and take bag with the contra lateral
  7. Do not wear tight elastic necklace and bracelet
  8. Avoid overheating during shower or wash the dishes and avoid the sauna or hot bath
  9. Avoid limb injuries, such as cuts, burns, sports injuries, insect bites, scratches, etc. and avoid nails any injury;
  10. Maintain ideal body weight, into low-salt, high protein, digestible diet and no smoking and drinking
  11. Doing housework or gardening with gloves
  12. Avoid fatigue on the limb. Please rest and raise the limb when the limb pain
  13. Do some exercises such as walking, swimming, aerobics, biking, aerobics or yoga
  14. Lymphedema patients wear elastic in the air; flight elastic bandage and with more fluid plus long-distance
  15. Wear Light fake milk or the right, no steel bra
  16. Remove armpit hair with electric shaver
  17. The lymphedema patients should wear elastic sleeve during the day; please check every 4 to 6 months
  18. Any symptoms of infection, such as rash, itching, redness, pain, increased skin temperature or fever should be promptly reported to your doctor.


Exercise  Guidelines  for Clients  with  Lymphedema

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