Early Pregnancy Symptoms in The First Trimester

Early pregnancy refers to the stage before twelve weeks of pregnancy. What are these early pregnancy symptoms? Pregnancy symptoms vary from woman to woman; therefore, they are not the same for all women. However, there are some symptoms that are common to most women in the early pregnancy. It is important to understand the early pregnancy symptoms for your pregnancy plan.

1.Menstruation Changes:

Menstrual period delay for ten days or more than two months, which is the most common early pregnancy Possibility. Also it is possible to bleed when you are pregnant, but the bleeding will be less than normal.

Tip: It is important to note if there are other reasons caused a period late, such as fatigue, stress, weight changes, hormonal issues, breastfeeding, and stopping birth control pills

2.Morning sickness:

There are about 60% of women have morning sickness. It will usually start in the early six weeks after conception. Some women do not experience this symptom, but others suffer through the whole pregnancy.

Nausea is an early pregnancy symptom that is caused owing to rapid estrogen levels in the blood produced by the fetus and placenta, or owing to odors that may be difficult to breathe in for you. From household odors, to foods, to smoke and perfume, anything can trigger off a bout of nausea.

Tip: Stress, stomach problems, and food poisoning could cause this feeling as well.

3.Frequency of urination

Frequency urination often starts around 6 weeks after conception. It is because that the increased uterine presses the bladder within the pelvic and this will disperse with the uterine increased beyond the pelvic occur.

Tip: Drinking too much liquid, taking a diuretic, having diabetes, or having a urinary tract infection can also cause this problem.

4.Breast Changes:

The Breast Changes can begin 1-2 weeks after you have conceived. You may feel sore, swollen, or tender when touched. Also, the areola, or skin surrounding your nipples, may darken, and dark brown nodules appeared around the areola that is called “Montgomery’s tubercles”

Tip: Other reasons you may have breast tenderness could be birth control pills, hormonal issues, or your impending period. Hormonal imbalance could cause darkening of the areola.


  • Fatigue: “I am so tired” is something that a pregnant woman will feel throughout the pregnancy and it can begin a week after conception.

Tip: Illness, stress, depression, and exhaustion can make you feel this way as well.

  • Pain:

Some women experience lower back pain in the early pregnancy and returns toward the end of pregnancy. Many women have a dull backache through their whole pregnancy.

Tip: Other back problems, stress, or an impending period can also cause back pains.

  • Headaches:

In the Early pregnancy, hormones sudden surge in your body’s that can cause headaches.

Tip: An impending period, dehydration, eye strain, caffeine withdrawal, and other problems can cause headaches.

  • Food Cravings:

Many women crave a specific food during pregnancy, whereas others crave anything sweet, salty, or sometimes, strange.  Normal smells may turn your stomach and make you not want to eat things that you normally love.


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