Cervical Cancer Symptoms

Cervical cancer often goes unnoticed because early cervical cancer generally has no signs or symptoms. However, when symptoms are present, they mimic so many other ailments. When symptoms are present, they usually do not appear until the cancer is more advanced. This does vary from woman to woman. This is why regular screening is so vital.

Early cervical cancer symptoms:

Early cervical cancer generally produces no signs or symptoms, although can be diagnosed by a routine Pap smear.

Advanced cervical cancer symptoms:

When cervical cancer progresses into advanced stages, symptoms begin to appear:

  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding heavy or light during the month.
  • Vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse, douching, or pelvic exam.
  • Watery, bloody vaginal discharge that may be heavy and have a foul odor
  • Pelvic pain or pain during sex